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WeSendU - Business Boots Mailing System

WeSendU help you keep your clients up-to-date, informed and coming back for more.

At the heart of WeSendU is a categorised database, making it easy to manage all your clients and contacts conveniently in one safe place.  WeSendU also offers your readers the chance to share your email through social media, and with their email list.  

With WeSendU you can send personalised emails to the right people at the right time and track their readership. This means you'll know which message or campaign works best, who is interested and who is not. You can also de-duplicate the database and the system will deal with requests to unsubscribe.

WeSendU can include attachments or links to websites and pdfs. Emails are sent as both HTML and plain text, giving them the best chance of avoiding spam filters. Your WeSendU database can be easily populated from spreadsheets or website forms.

Support is available to get the most from your WeSendU System. This includes user training, copywriting, design, database building and campaign assessment.  

Because the system is available on a rolling contract basis, you are not tied into a lengthy term, and you can send as many emails as you require for one monthly fee!

Contact Management
As the name suggests, this is where you upload your contacts.  Anyone who has provided you with their email address with the expectation of receiving communication from you can be a contact.  A lot of other systems are from outside the UK and require a double opt-in.  This is when, having gathered someone’s information, you are required to email them asking them to opt in to your emails.  This can slow down the process, and given that the person in question has asked to receive an email from you, this can seem like an unnecessary hassle.  Some people may not click the necessary link, thus missing out on your great content!  As required by U.K. law, every email sent by WeSendU has an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page, giving anyone who decides to opt out the chance to do so easily and quickly.  The system will also not allow any further emails to go to this email address unless the person specifically resubscribes to your emails.

Mailing List Management
This is the point in the process when you choose what date and time your email will be sent, and to which of your categories of contacts.
An email can be scheduled up to a year in advance, and can even be set, but not made active so that you can review it before sending.
Statistics and Logs
This is where you can see who opened what and when.  The stats can show you all activity or activity specific to a certain email.  This can help you do see what interests your audience.  Not only that, but all links within your emails (to a PDF, a website, or a signup form, etc) are automatically tracked.

For example: 
If you had three links—one to camping holidays, one to adventure breaks and one to high-end hotels, you could see which of your contacts were interested in which type of break by what they had clicked through.  This gives you the chance to add them to a relevant category within the system, pertinent to their interests.
There is a link within WeSendU to Lyris—a content checker.  This is to check that your well-phrased email is not seen as ‘spammy’ by any of the systems receiving it.  This is useful iformation, and gives you a chance to tailor aspects of your email to give it a better chance of reaching the recipient.

Perhaps the best thing about WeSendU is that it is run and managed from the UK—York to be exact!  As such, full telephone support is available and appointments can be arranged for setup advice or campaign planning if required.

For more information please contact Caroline on 07843 012629 or