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When I started out, I knew what I wanted to do in business.  Most business-owners or operators do, and they certainly should do.  I am fairly certain that very few of them said "I want to be an Office Assistant".  I know that I didn't – well, not exactly. 

All businesses depend upon a smooth-running back office to make the magic happen.  That could be someone doing the books, or someone greeting big clients at the door.  It could be as little as someone to stuff all the envelopes for a big mailout, or to research competitors and prospects prior to the start of a new project.

An office assistant is a must – in some form.  I started out with good intentions that one afternoon a week I would devote my time to 'admin' in all its various forms.  It doesn't always work that way.

What we can do at Business Boots is be that office assistant, either physically, minuting that big meeting and making your business look super-efficient, or remotely fulfilling the role that an in-house assistant might, offering audio-typing, copywriting and diary management.

What Makes a Good Office Assistant in Yorkshire?

Here is an analogy which I came up with last year, to try to describe what we offer, and why. 

It is called Business Boots Fable of The Monkeys.

This is in part based around the ideas explained in the 'One Minute Manager meets the Monkey', but I have tried to make it relevant to what we offer at Business Boots, and to therefore try to better explain WHAT we offer to businesses and people, and how we can best help.

Here is the analogy:
You have an idea. You want to contact new sectors with what you can offer. You have this great idea. You have things to offer.  You are, however, too busy doing what you do. That is a MONKEY.
You have a project, it could be small, such as a mail shot, which needs co-ordinating from designing, printing, planning the mailing list, timings and strategy, to picking the best people to target with your message. That is a MONKEY.
You have a lot of strong leads which need attention, but NO time to deal with them. Another MONKEY.
The monkeys are now actually getting in the way of the work you managed quite well before.  The opportunities are blocking your path to achieving them!

Here is the answer:

Move the monkeys.

monkeyIf you pass the monkeys onto someone else, then they stop being such a nuisance. They become SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM.
We are happy to take monkeys for either short-term or longer-term management.
We will care for and love any monkey in our care as though it were our own, because it BECOMES our own.

So, to summarise:
Don't let the monkeys get you down!  We can love and nurture as many monkeys as you want to place in our care, and you will know they are safe.

For Monkey Management, think Business Boots.