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What are Social Media Workshops in Yorkshire?

Most people are increasingly becoming aware of Social Media as an emerging tool for business.  The variety of platforms and ways in which to use them is constantly changing, and the only way to benefit from these (most free) tools is to get involved!
My enthusiasm for Social Media has been growing ever since I began to get a handle on it a couple of years ago.  I was therefore thrilled to begin studying for the ITQ Social Media qualification (newly created this year), and completed it in July 2011. That makes us one of very few businesses nationally with a social media qualification to back up our training packages.  At the time of writing, we are the only business in the North of England to offer the services of a graduate-level trained journalist with this qualification.

Social Media Workshops in Yorkshire

What Business Boots can offer is a way to understand how Social Media will work for your business specifically.  As with anything, it is horses for courses.  We offer Social Media training packages either at your office, designed specifically for your business, or in a mixed group at one of various locations.

Twitter icon Twitter

Want to tweet?  Do you think that there are useful 'nuggets' of information you could share with clients, prospects and the world in general?

Business Boots can offer Social Media training that can explain Twitter etiquette, and provide a skill set that you and your staff can take forward to enhance your social media presence. We can help create a conversational calendar which will help develop your ideas, and make sure that you are never lost for words!

LinkedIn icon LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn training packages are available both as bespoke sessions tailored to you and your business, or as a mixed group of business owners and operators, all learning and asking questions, for the mutual benefit of the group. We offer a follow-up conversation about ten days after training to make sure that all you have learned made sense when you put it into practice, and to field any queries you may have.

For those who feel happy with their own personal profile, but feel that they could do more for their business, we can offer training on how to develop a Company Profile on LinkedIn.  This is a fantastic tool for businesses, and is only getting more and more important as social media develops.

Facebook icon Facebook

Do you think Facebook is just for the teenagers?  Are you aware that it is changing, but not sure how you can best make use of this change for your business?  We can help!  We have designers who can create a fantastic landing page for your Facebook profile, driving customers and prospects to take a look at what you offer.

We also offer a half-day training session on how to use your Facebook presence when it is all up and running , and can offer hand-holding for as long as you require afer that. It couldn't be easier!

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We can also provide notes, advice, and a design service for both landing/welcome pages, and Facebook ads, and would love to chat!