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Business Boots Social Media Starter Pack.

Blogging, tweeting, ‘friend request’ and fan pages. The lexicon of the modern world.
Twitter is all the rage. Facebook has over 1 Billion users. Blogging used to be a novelty, now it seems every Tom Dick and Sally is doing it and the experts tell you it’s essential to the future of your business. Oh, and if you’re in business you ought to be on LinkedIn. Apparently.

All these web concepts have a single important element in common: they are all ‘two way streets’ when it comes to communication.
Gone are the brochure style one way communication tools used online for the past 10 years to sell your product, or build your brand. No longer can you toss up a website and hope people sign up for your product or service.
People want more, they expect more. They’re using social media.

At Business Boots we recognize that new start up companies need a social presence but either don't have the time to sort themselves or don't have the knowledge to get themselves start effectively.  

Rather than risk your social media strategy with somebody who is not fully qualified to do so let  the experts set it up for you.

Here are the basic set up costs and what you get:-
Twitter Account set up and profile development.
Facebook Fan page set up and tab creation.
LinkedIn company page set up and starter list set up.
Pinterest account setup and profile development.
A Blog account set up and your first blog written for you.
All of this for Just £99
However we will also run your accounts for the first month for just £7 a day*.  This includes the following:-
2 posts/ tweets a day based on a basic conversational calendar
Searches for relevant followers,  and retweets / posts of appropriate content at least 3 times a day on all subscribed to platforms.
2 blogs (200-500 words) written and posted for you on to relevant forums and directory listed.
Other social media platforms can be added to the basic package for an additional £50 per platform
After the first month you have a choice, you can take over the accounts yourself and manage them how you want to or you can subscribe to one of the standard Business Boots packages.

Don’t forget our 100% satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.