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Pinterest - What is It?

Where can you be your own pin-up? Pinterest of course!  I have been speaking to a lot of people recently who have yet to fully get to grips with what Pinterest is, or what it can be.

This pinboard-based craze, has seen the number of pin users visiting the site go up by 145% since the beginning of 2012. However, around 80% of Pinterest's users are female.  Over 1/5 of Facebook connected users visit Pinterest daily, with American users spending an average of 1 hour 17 minutes, as opposed to 36 minutes on Twitter*.  What is possibly even MORE important for businesses is that Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as effectively as Twitter was at a similar time in its history.  Because Pinterest is a reasonably young platform, there is still time to get a toehold as an early adopter.

Pinterest launched in 2010, and was designed as a bulletin board for posting your favourite images so that friends/family/the world could share them with you, and 'repin'.  It was built by a small team in Palo Alto, California, and is funded by a small group of investors and entrepreneurs.

The benefits of Pinterest for businesses is that it is a new leading referral traffic generator for retail brands, and has the potential, if you can be inventive, of doing the same for other companies.

Pinterest thrives on the fact that, as humans, we tend to be draw to something visual, and simple images and ideas grouped together on a page draw our attention.  With that comes the opportunity to engage.  This may be much more so than you would find with a page of text telling everyone what your business can do or offer.

The terms used in Pinterest include:



An image added to Pinterest
The image may either be from a link, from a site or from an uploaded image
Can include captions



Once something is pinned it can then be 'repinned' by other users, onto their boards
This helps share your content, and other people's



This is where your pins are
You can have numerous boards for different topics and people 'following' you can choose to follow all, or some of your boards
Different countries seem to be using Pinterest for different purposes.  In the USA it is more a portal for crafts, gifts, hobbies and fashion, whereas in the UK it is a seen as a tool for blogging resources, venture capital and SEO, amongst other things.
Pinterest is reasonably open in terms of what content can be posted, with the recent exception of pornographic images (at time of writing).

The other consideration for businesses has to be that both Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and most other ways of engaging have a short shelf life - the posts drop off the bottom of the viewer's feed and are forgotten within days or hours.  Pinterest has pins from day 1 which might get repinned for years to come.  Once an item is on your board, it is accessible thereafter.  It doesn't go anywhere!

I am working on notes at the moment as to the most effective types of pins for different business types, and would love any feedback!

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